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blackmanta.capital | 30. October 2019


Black Manta Capital Partners S.à r.l. (Luxembourg) and Tokeny S.à r.l. (Luxembourg) are proud to announce their strategic cooperation in building a fully compliant Multi-STO-Platform for European Market. The Black Manta Investment Platform is run by BMCP’s Berlin operating entity. The BMCP GmbH received its licence within the MiFID II regime by the German financial regulator BaFin, earlier this summer.

The two partners will launch a fully compliant Multi-STO-Platform, catering to both professional and retail investors. The Security Token Offerings will range from real estate projects, small and medium enterprises, and grown up startups to tokenized commodities and funds. 

Tokeny Solutions, the Luxembourg-based fintech that has recently announced fundraising from Euronext, will provide the white-label tokenization platform whilst Black Manta Capital is committed to deliver the highest standard in compliance and investor protection as a regulated Financial Services Institution within the European Union. 

Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny on the cooperation: “Working with Black Manta Capital Partners allows the both of us to focus on what we do best. We provide the institutional grade tokenization solutions for every BMCP offering and this allows them to focus on what they do best, which is building their investor community.

Christian Platzer, Co-Founder of BMCP: “Tokeny Solutions is one of the top global technology providers in tokenization. Having worked closely with the Tokeny Solutions team for several months, we can say: we speak the same language when it comes to the prospects for our industry and together we could not be more positive about the opportunities for security tokenization in Europe and around the world.” 

BMCP also selected Tokeny Solutions for their T-REX token standard for tokenized securities, which ensures compliant transferability. This standard includes three key pillars, the identity management system, a set of validation certificates, and the transfer manager. A decentralized validator system allows trading via multiple exchanges. 



blackmanta.capital | 09. October 2019

DigiMax Global Solutions and Black Manta Capital Partners enter Collaboration Agreement

Toronto / Luxembourg – 09, 2019 (Access Wire) DigiCrypts Blockchain Solutions Inc., (CSE:DIGI) now doing business as DIGIMAX GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (the “Company” or “DigiMax”) and Black Manta Capital Partners (“Black Manta” or “BMCP”), based in Luxembourg, are pleased to announce that they entered into a cross Collaboration Agreement.


In August 2019, a 100% subsidiary of Black Manta, the German based BMCP GmbH, was awarded a license by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (“BaFin“) as financial service institution in order to issue and manage Security Token Offerings (“STOs“) in Germany. BaFin is a leading financial supervising authority across Europe. With over 2,600 employees, this regulatory body oversees a variety of industries ranging from finance, to banking, insurance, and more.

The approval received allows BMCP to offer clients regulated services surrounding security token offerings. BMCP has indicated that they intend for this platform to function as a comprehensive offering – meaning that they will provide clients with all the necessary services from start to finish, through the security tokenization process.

DigiMax, as a global consultant to companies seeking to issue STO’s and other forms of digital securities, is pleased to be partnered with Black Manta, as together the partnership can bring clients from around the world to have their digital securities listed in Europe.   DigiMax has planned to increase its European presence in late 2019 and is pleased to be able to work with Black Manta as a critical step in this process.

“DigiMax recognizes Black Manta as one of the leading licensed service providers in Europe capable of assisting clients to raise capital and to list digital securities in Europe, starting with Germany”, said DigiMax CEO, Chris Carl.  “We respect how difficult it is to gain these approvals from the financial supervisory authorities in Europe, and to have done so represents a substantial accomplishment on the path leading toward global digitization of securities. We are excited about working with Black Manta on several such projects in the immediate future.”

“Tokenization in the core financial field of securities will – for sure – bring paradigmatic change to the global financial markets. While Black Manta wants to be ‘boutique’ in its beginnings and run ‘handpicked’ STOs only, our strategy is global from day one: the first step is to link Europe and Asia on one blockchain-based investment platform.  For this reason, we are excited to work with DigiMax who has already built a great global network of participants that can take advantage of our newly licensed platform,” said Managing Partner of Black Manta Capital Partners, Alexander Rapatz.

blackmanta.capital | 26. August 2019

Black Manta Group & BLU SWARM Group signed an MOU for comprehensive cooperation in asset Tokenization

With signing a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding on the 19th of July in 2019, both international groups lay the foundation for a strong and long-term cooperation with the focus on asset-tokenization of medium and large projects.


BLACK MANTA Capital Partners S.à.r.l. Luxembourg, and BLU PRINT AG, Liechtenstein, member of BLU SWARM Group, focus on state-of-the-art tokenization projects in the regulated global segment of the security token. 

BLU PRINT AG focuses on the tokenization of intellectual property rights as immaterial/intangible assets, which are delivered by affiliated BLU SWARM GLOBAL IP Manager. While BLACK MANTA offers Tokenization as a Service as a one-stop agency to third parties in selected asset classes like companies, commodities & real estate. 

After signing the MOU, both partners are now working on a comprehensive cooperation agreement. One focus will be the tokenization of BLU SWARM´s implementation projects from large IP Development Funds based on customized private contracting models with the IP-owners. Those BLU NODE Funds can cluster dozens or hundreds of IP-rights and achieve evaluations in the billion CHF range during their global rollout. One current example is the already contracted FLAVOREX IP Fund as a joint venture of Flavorex Life Science Group in Holland and BLU SWARM Group. 

In the cause of those vast IP development Funds, multiple implementation projects are generated in form of proving and development sites, commercial lighthouse projects & huge global productive sites managed together with local partners. 

BLACK MANTA and BLU SWARM plan to integrate their processes to best select and service those implementation projects on the state-of-the-art BLACK MANTA tokenizing platform. 

Other parts of the cooperation may comprehend cooperation in both affiliate networks, sharing services and collaboration in other projects.

blackmanta.capital | 19. August 2019

Security Token Offerings on a regulated platform: Black Manta Capital Partners received BaFin licence

As of August 1st 2019, Black Manta Capital Partners’ Berlin operating entity, BMCP GmbH, received the licence within the MiFID II regime by the German financial regulator BaFin to run a Multi-STO-Platform and act as a One-Stop-Agency for Security Token Offerings, out of Germany, within the European Union.

The application process was supported by the law firm LUTHER, Berlin et alt, notably the partner Dr. Rolf Kobabe, Hamburg. 


BERLIN – FRANKFURT AM MAIN. As of August 1st 2019 and after 9 months of intense and fruitful procedures with the German regulator, BMCP GmbH is now a Financial Services Institution according to § 1 Abs. 1a Satz 2 Nr. 1 KWG (Kreditwesengesetz), regulated by the German Financial Market Authority (BaFin): this in order to provide regulated financial brokerage services (i.e. Wertpapiervermittlung & Abschlussvermittlung) using Blockchain technology in accordance with the MiFID II regime. The 100% subsidiary of the Luxembourg based holding entity Black Manta Capital Partners S.à.r.l. is one of the first European entities granted this licence for blockchain based financial services. 

With so-called Security Tokenization, BMCP GmbH converts rights to an asset into a digital token, creating intelligent investment contracts on a blockchain. This innovation in financial products creates completely new access to capital for small and medium- sized enterprises, real estate projects, startups, commodity markets or funds – as well as new access to investments for new investors. The issuance of such securities using blockchain technology is a new business model fully covered by the provisions of the MiFID II Directive on Financial Instruments (2014/65 /EU). The operative start of the investment platform with the first Token Offerings is planned for early Q4/2019. The diversified team behind BMCP are senior professionals with banking, VC and corporate background.  

Apart from the licenced operating entity in Berlin, Black Manta Capital Partners drive the market launch of their investment platform also through BMCP Consulting in Vienna and BMCP Limited for international business development, based at the Malta Stock Exchange in Valletta. – The next strategic move will be the foundation of Black Manta Asia, in Singapore, and the application for a similar licence with the Monetary Authority Singapore.

Christian Platzer, Co-Founder and Managing Partner: “Tokenization in the core financial field of securities will – for sure – bring paradigmatic change to the global financial markets.” – “While Black Manta Capital Partners want to be ‘boutique’ in its beginnings and run ‘handpicked’ STOs only, our strategy is global from day one: the first step is to link Europe and Asia on one blockchain-based investment platform. Therefore we look already today into Singapore.”

ABOUT BLACK MANTA CAPITAL PARTNERS – Black Manta Capital Partners ® is a one-stop agency for all technical, financial, and legal aspects of Tokenization. With security tokens that grant equity, profit, and governance rights to investors, BMCP aims to set a global standard for Security Token Offerings (STO). BMCP was founded in Luxembourg in 2018, runs the BMCP GmbH in Berlin, as licenced, regulated Financial Institute for STOs, the consulting entity in Vienna BMCP Consulting GmbH and international business development out of the Maltese BMCP Limited.