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Arbaro Forestry Fund

Blockchain­Com­pa­ny Arbaro
Forestry Fund

Arbaro Fund

The sub­scrip­tion peri­od for the end­ed on 30 Sep­tem­ber 2020. 

Fund High­lights

The Arbaro Fund is a Lux­em­bourg-based pri­vate equi­ty fund man­aged by FiM Asset Man­age­ment S.à r.l. and advised by Arbaro Advi­sors GmbH.
The fund invests in sus­tain­able forestry projects in Latin Amer­i­ca, the Caribbean, and Sub-Saha­ran Africa in coun­tries where bio­phys­i­cal growth con­di­tions for forests are ideal.
By estab­lish­ing a renew­able resource through sus­tain­ably man­aged, FSC-cer­ti­fied for­est plan­ta­tions, Arbaro pro­vides sig­nif­i­cant cli­mate change mit­i­ga­tion and adap­ta­tion ben­e­fits in its tar­get coun­tries: over its life­time, Arbaro aims to sequester 20 mil­lion met­ric tons of CO2.
Arbaro is fur­ther­more set to cre­ate around 5,000 new jobs and con­tribute to knowl­edge and skill devel­op­ment in the rur­al areas in which it operates.
This com­bi­na­tion of envi­ron­men­tal and social ben­e­fits makes an Arbaro invest­ment a gen­er­a­tor of pos­i­tive impact on both a local and glob­al lev­el while earn­ing sol­id finan­cial returns.
Arbaro is sup­port­ed by the Euro­pean Invest­ment Bank as anchor investor; the Finnish Fund for Indus­tri­al Coop­er­a­tion as an expe­ri­enced forestry investor; and mul­ti­ple pri­vate-sec­tor investors.

Forestry Fund

For Investors from

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Fund Type Closed-end fund
Total Invest­ment Volume 200,000,000 USD
Min. Invest­ment Amount 500,000 USD
First Clos­ing 60,000,000 USD
Legal Struc­ture Lux­em­bourg partnership
AIFM Finance in Motion
Fund dura­tion 15 + 1 years, from 1st closing
Invest­ment Period 4 + 1 years, from 1st closing
Tar­get IRR 12% net p.a.
2nd Clos­ing Date 30 Sep­tem­ber 2020
Fore more detailed legal and finan­cial doc­u­men­ta­tion please  con­tact us direct­ly under invest@blackmanta.capital.


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An invest­ment involves con­sid­er­able risks and can lead to the com­plete loss of the assets invest­ed. In the inter­ests of risk diver­si­fi­ca­tion, only those amounts of mon­ey should be invest­ed that are not required or expect­ed to be returned in the near future.

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